Internet TV Industry News Update

Because the Internet TV industry interests us and LookeeTV falls under this category with regards to its devices and the content is provides, we always try to keep ourselves informed. We would also like to share our knowledge with our fans and readers as well.

According to Neilson, three million American TV viewers discontinued their subscriptions with their cable TV providers.  This information was just released last week. On the other hand, there was an 8 million increase in the number of HD TVs. Even though 98% of video content viewed in America was done of TV screens, an increasing amount of it was done with online connections or connected TV devices. The survey also found that the average TV viewer  browsed the internet for 24 hours in a month, of which 4 hours were dedicated to watching online videos and 4 hours were taken up for watching content on mobile devices. You can visit for more information regarding this Nielson study.

We can clearly see a rise in connected TV and decrease in traditional cable TV viewing. The LookeeTV provides thousands of free Internet TV channels and shows without any cable costs and also connects to your TV with HDMI so you can enjoy this same content in HD on the big screen. With the cost of living increasing and the high costs of cable TV, LookeeTV could be the perfect gadget for you. Visit our website for more information about our newly released LookeeTV 7″ HD Internet TV Player, where you can also purchase one for only $199 including free shipping.

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8 Responses to Internet TV Industry News Update

  1. Samantha Kirk says:

    yeah with technology advancing… people try to update their appliances and connections.. there is satellite connection available now and there are many who access television channels through their laptops or computers with high speed internet connections that people get!!

  2. Roy Fernandez says:

    Very informative, was nice to read through.

  3. Mark_Vj says:

    That is quite a sad info about three million American TV viewers discontinuing their subscriptions.

  4. Rita Dawson says:

    Internet has now become the life tool for mankind. Having a high speed internet connection is very necessary.

  5. Ann Philip says:

    hey this news is not correct. People are satisfied with Cable TV service providers.

  6. It is really amazing to know about the tremendous impact the Internet and TV has on our lives. Surely with availability of advanced technology which give the viewers an enhanced experience of watching television, the cable TV is going to lose importance.