Free Streaming TV. Yippee!

We’ve spent a lot of time this week talking about all the great music content and apps that are available on the LookeeTV.

We don’t want to neglect a very important aspect of the device. This aspect is what puts the “TV” in “LookeeTV”!

LookeeTV players offer you thousands of free internet TV options right on one platform! You don’t need to surf around and waste time sorting through a bunch of TV channels you hate! Everything is organized for you – based on countries & regions, genres, languages, and keyword. Once you find something you really like you just click the “Favorite” button on the remote, and now this channel is saved under the “My Favorites” section of the LookeeTV channel app. Simple!

In addition to the free live streaming TV, you also get access to thousands of free on-demand video options as well. This is thanks to our awesome content providers like:

NBC News

NBC News – Enjoy complete news shows and headline-making interviews with world leaders, newsmakers, and celebrities from shows like NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, TODAY Show, The Rachel Maddow Show, and Morning Joe.


Watch hit TV shows including Epic Meal Time, Diggnation with Kevin Rose, Scam School, Film Riot, TechnoBuffalo, Lifehacker, any much more, from the leading independent free online video service.

Enjoy a large assortment of free, on-demand independently produced audio and video podcasts featuring business, education, comedy, sports, gaming, and more.

The largest authorized independent entertainment theater on the Web gives you free access to thousands of high-quality independent films, stories, shorts, and series. It offers unique and sometimes edgy content from over 100 countries in more than 60 languages.

So grab yourself a LookeeTV today just by clicking the link here!

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Listen to Free Music!

Just yesterday we posted about all the free internet radio you get with the LookeeTV device. In addition to the 30000 free internet radio stations, you also gain access to other musical content through a number of apps including:

  • LookeeSound. This app is powered by SoundCloud: Upload, record, promote, and share the sounds you create with the world’s largest community of sound creators on the planet.
  • SHOUTcast. Stream and listen to over 50,000 of your favorite internet radio stations including Christmas, Pop, R&B, Dance, and many more.
  • UrLlama. App powered by UrFilez: Listen to over 30,000 streaming internet radio stations by track, artist, genre, and popularity. This app allows the listener to immediately receive intelligent recommendations for new audio tracks.

Yet even more reasons to grab yourself (or your Dad!) a LookeeTV HD Internet TV & Radio Player today! Just head over to and start listening to all the music you handle!

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Free Internet Radio for the Ages!

LookeeTV devices connect you to over 30000 free internet radio stations from all over the world! Having this many stations means you are never bored because you have thousands of different genres, styles, languages, and regions to choose from and the list is always growing.

Just think for a measly sum of $199, you can have a 7″ LookeeTV HD Internet TV & Radio Player paid for and shipped to you with Free Worldwide Shipping! (Just “Like” us on Facebook to receive this exciting promotion!). Within days you will never be bored with the radio again because it’s literally impossible with over 30000 free internet radio options.

To top it off, this is just a small feature of the LookeeTV Device.

Check out our YouTube channel and our website to learn more!

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Free Internet TV For Dad – Father’s Day Approaches!

Dads love TV. Dads really love free TV!

So head over to our store and grab yourself a LookeeTV for Dad! We’re offering Free Express Shipping right now because we want to make sure your Dad gets something he actually wants! Click the link to grab one today!

If you aren’t convinced, check out this video below!

Don’t worry…If you forget to get your Dad a LookeeTV today, we’ll be reminding everything throughout the week.

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LookeeTV SmartController Technology (TM) – More Free Internet TV Fun! just posted another video about LookeeTV on their YouTube channel.

See it here!

If you have music, movies, and photos on your iPhone, Android Smart phone, tablet, or Home PC. You can wirelessly push and control this content right to your LookeeTV player.

Since the LookeeTV HD Internet TV & Radio Player can be connected to your HDTV via HDMI, you can treat it like a media centre. Just grab an HD movie from your home PC, and wirelessly send it to your LookeeTV to be displayed on the big screen! Neato!

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LookeeTV Unboxed Review on

Hello All,

Our good friends from have posted a great Unboxed Review of our 7″ HD Internet TV & Radio Player!

Check it out below and have a great weekend!

Don’t forget to purchase yourself a LookeeTV (Or get one for your Dad!) from


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Tip: Save Even More with GadgetsFactoryom’s Daily Deals

We are all for saving on money, so for those who haven’t checked it out yet, we would also recommend checking out GadgetsFactory’s Daily Deals section of the website. You can find them on the bottom left box of the website. created another convenient way for you to shop, with even more savings on some of the top-selling gadgets. The Daily Deals will have a product on a special sale every day. The website also has Weekly Deals in which select electronics will be on sale for seven days. These select electronics for the Daily and Weekly Deals will constantly change, so you can save on different items! You have to check every day and every week for the new product listings or you can subscribe to the Deal RSS Feed for your convenience.

You can see how long the select products will be on sale with the countdown timers. The time is ticking, so grab these sale items while you can! And don’t just keep it to yourself; share your savings with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Other awesome ways to shop on is the Top Sellers section where you can shop and buy the hottest, most popular gadgets on the website. It also have an Editor’s Choice section where the editors personally select their favorite, high quality gadgets and electronic accessories for you to browse and purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to send the GadgetsFactory team an email, call the toll-free phone number, or take advantage of the live chat. Happy shopping, everyone, and have a nice weekend!

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LookeeTV on

Dearest reader,

Following up on our previous blog post “LookeeTV on,” actually created a new domain called So, will only be up and running just for a short while, but you can make direct purchases on GadgetsFactory from now on. will continue to offer thousands of cool gadgets, consumer electronics, and LED lighting products, LookeeTV products, and more at factory prices direct from China. The website also ships these items to your door immediately.

GadgetsFactory’s customer service team will continue to be by the phone, email, and Live Chat to provide you with 100% Customer Satisfaction. So, we encourage you to visit and browse through the products. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the CDE Team at

Also don’t forget to connect with GadgetFactory on social media and stay in the loop for upcoming offers!

Happy Shopping!

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Internet TV Industry News Update

Because the Internet TV industry interests us and LookeeTV falls under this category with regards to its devices and the content is provides, we always try to keep ourselves informed. We would also like to share our knowledge with our fans and readers as well.

According to Neilson, three million American TV viewers discontinued their subscriptions with their cable TV providers.  This information was just released last week. On the other hand, there was an 8 million increase in the number of HD TVs. Even though 98% of video content viewed in America was done of TV screens, an increasing amount of it was done with online connections or connected TV devices. The survey also found that the average TV viewer  browsed the internet for 24 hours in a month, of which 4 hours were dedicated to watching online videos and 4 hours were taken up for watching content on mobile devices. You can visit for more information regarding this Nielson study.

We can clearly see a rise in connected TV and decrease in traditional cable TV viewing. The LookeeTV provides thousands of free Internet TV channels and shows without any cable costs and also connects to your TV with HDMI so you can enjoy this same content in HD on the big screen. With the cost of living increasing and the high costs of cable TV, LookeeTV could be the perfect gadget for you. Visit our website for more information about our newly released LookeeTV 7″ HD Internet TV Player, where you can also purchase one for only $199 including free shipping.

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Product Release: 7’’ HD Desktop Internet TV & Radio Player

Today, the LookeeTV 7’’ LCD HD Desktop Internet TV and Radio Player was released and is now available for immediate purchase and delivery.  The 7’’ HD Desktop features the largest LCD display of the LookeeTV product line and streams over 2,000 Internet TV Channels and 30,000 Internet Radio Stations and Podcasts for free from 90 countries and 60 different languages to expatriate communities.

“The latest Lookee TV media streamers have just gotten better with an additional HDMI output to leverage on their UPnP media sharing functions. This allows users to remotely play back both video and image files in networked devices such as a PC and smartphone on a connected TV in 720p resolution, “ said Phillip Wong from CNET Asia. “With thousands of free Internet TV channels available, according to its manufacturer, the ability to display content on a big screen is also a useful feature,” he added.

The 7’’ HD Desktop model and the Internet TV Streaming Box were previously pre-order only but now the 7’’ HD Desktop is available to purchase online and be shipped to consumers immediately. Those who have already pre-ordered the 7” HD Desktop are guaranteed their reservation of the LookeeTV and delivery upon release.

All LookeeTV HD Players will continue to offer the same media content and entertainment from select content providers. LookeeTV streams over 2,000 Internet TV Channels and over 30,000 Internet Radio Stations and Podcasts from over 60 different languages and 90 countries. LookeeTV is also able to enrich its offering by providing users with the latest on-demand movies, news, TV shows, music, sports and entertainment. LookeeTV users will receive instantaneous updates of this content from apps like LookeeTV Chinese, NBC News, Revision3, Blubrry, Inmoo, LookeeSound (Powered By SoundCloud), SHOUTcast, UrLlama, and more to come.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our website to get your own 7’’ HD Desktop LookeeTV now!

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